Suction Catheter

(Catheter, evacuator)

The suction catheter SAF-T-VAC® (ST9000S model) is designed to attach to almost all medical electrocauteral bovie to effectively remove smoke and fluids generated during surgery. Surgical smoke generated during surgery is estimated to contain over 750 chemical compounds. Inhaling surgical smoke during surgery is equivalent to smoking 27 to 30 cigarettes a day. The ST9000S model can help minimize damage by blocking surgical smoke in advance. It also enables surgery more efficiently by sucking fluids generated on surgical areas.

Saf-T-Vac® Specifications

Item Code Dim.A(mm) Dim.B(mm) Dim.C(mm)
ST9000s 330.2 4.57 3.97

Saf-T-Vac® Stability

This product is a sterile disposable device provided in a Tyvek Poly pouch.