Research and Performance

Introducing the paths taken by Megen’s R&D Center.
Megen will strive to make a happier future by growing its dreams.

  • Research Activities

    • Development of next-generation implant (2020–2023)
      • Prior technologies Research
      • Embodied development concept and directions
      • Ensured performance, reliability and stability of prosthetics
      • Acquired GMP certificate and clinical trial
      • Constructed mass production facilities and acquisition of manufacturing license
    • Development of transdermal drug (2021 2H–2024)
      • Researched patent map (biopolymer)
      • Feasibility Study
  • Performance (Patents/Dissertations/National Tasks)

    • Patent Applications/Registrations
      • Next-generation implant: Completion of domestic patent registration (January 28, 22)
      • Next-generation implant: Completed PCT application (PCT/KR2021/009985)
      • Next-generation implant: Completed application in the U.S. and China (September 2021)
    • National Tasks: In application
    • University–Industry Collaborations
      • Signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with TMD Lab